Richard Kim

Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

I'm a graduate student in the Scalable Cooperation research group led by Iyad Rahwan at the MIT Media Lab. My research interests broadly include application of computational cogntive models of ethics and human interaction for analysis of complex socio-technical systems.

I have collaborated with Max Kleiman-Weiner, Alex "Sandy" Pentland, and Joshua Tenenbaum. Aside from collaborators in MIT, I have worked with Pavlos Protopapas of Harvard University.

Prior to coming back to academia, I worked as an investment banking analyst for 3 years followed by 3 years as an equity research analyst. I left the industry to study computer science and applied mathematics. Today, I leverage my experience in finance and newly acquired knowledge in AI and machine learning to make positive socially impact.

Curriculum Vitae


Moral Machine

Computational Model of Moral Decisions for Autonomous Vehicles

The Moral Machine is a web application built to collect and analyze human perceptions of moral dilemmas involving autonomous vehicles. Using human generated moral judgments, we analyze cross-cultural differences in perceptions of moral dilemmas and propose computational models of human moral decision making as a step toward building AI system capable of making real world decisions with human moral values.

Visit Moral Machine.

Peer Prediction Mechanisms

Empirical Methods in Peer Prediction

Human computation system, often popularly referred to as crowdsourcing, requires the alignment of the incentives of human participants to report truthfully and an effective mean to deal with noise in the human-generated data. Here I introduce a new class of peer prediction mechanisms called empirical peer prediction mechanisms that represent an unified approach to resolving the incentive alignment and noisy-data challenges in human computation systems.

Richard Kim. Empirical Methods in Peer Prediction. Master's thesis, Harvard Extension School. Dean’s Prize for Outstanding ALM Thesis. [link, pdf]

Academic Research Papers

Working Papers

Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Richard Kim, Jonathan Schulz, Joseph Henrich, Azim Shariff, Jean-François Bonnefon, Iyad Rahwan. The Moral Machine Experiment: 38 Million Decisions and the Path to Universal Machine Ethics.

Richard Kim, Niccolo Pescetelli, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Joshua Tenenbaum, Iyad Rahwan. Hierarchical Drift-Diffusion Model for Moral Dilemma: Understanding Reaction Times and Choices.

Conference Papers

Richard Kim, Max Kleiman-Weiner, Andr\'es Abeliuk, Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Joshua Tenenbaum, Iyad Rahwan. A Computational Model of Commonsense Moral Decision Making [link]

Conference Posters

Richard Kim*, Bjarke Felbo*, Nick Obradovich and Iyad Rahwan. Quantifying structural factors affecting racial tensions during 2016 US presidential election. International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) 2017. [pdf]

Professional Experience

del Rey Global Investors

Equity Research Analyst
  • Assisted in the launch and capital raising process as the firm began as a five-member team startup
  • Conducted research on publicly-listed Japanese companies by analyzing industry trends, assessing the companies' business strategies, and building financial models for valuation
  • Interviewed over 100 Japanese corporate executives, board members, and investor-relations teams as well as various industry sell-side analysts
2011 - 2013

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Credit Analyst
  • Monitored credit portfolio of term loans and line of credits to approximately 30 Japanese multi-national companies with North American headquarters in Los Angeles
  • Assessed the client companies' earnings/cash flow generation capabilities, liquidity, solvency and business strategies through interactions with local managements
2008 - 2011

Shinsei Bank

Analyst, Leverage Finance
  • Conducted due diligence, assisted in term sheet negotiations, and drafted investment memoranda for presentations to the bank's investment committee
  • Participated in over dozen leveraged financing transactions in Japan and Asia ex-Japan markets
2007 - 2008

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